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Last night, I read When Breath Becomes Air, Paul Kalanithi’s observation of a young and promising life — his own — cut short by cancer.

Kalanithi,  a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist who also had a degree in English literature, was completing his last year of residency at Stanford when he got the diagnosis. He died at 37 in March 2015, having spent the final year of his life writing a moving memoir capped exquisitely by an epilogue from Lucy Kalanithi, who describes herself as “his wife and a witness.”

The book is powerful in an enduring way, but as I climbed the stairs to my bedroom, I could feel its discrete and immediate gift: Kalanithi’s story had lifted me from my own, which has recently featured a kind of enervated fretfulness, circular and deadening, a not-quite-worry that breeds insomnia.  A turning over and over of thoughts too familiar and not particularly happy.


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Great piece


For many years now, I have been in the habit of holding some special object in my hands when I pray. The object is usually something simple and natural like an unusual stone. The object makes prayer “official”. When I am holding my prayer object, it is clear in my mind that I am communicating with God and that I should concentrate on that activity. This kind of device is common in many pursuits. Sometimes students wear a special hat when they are studying to make their study sessions official and remind them to concentrate.

For several years, my prayer object was a heart-shaped stone that I bought through eBay. About a year ago, when I was climbing into my bed, I found two small pebbles, a turquoise colored one and a cream colored one. They had apparently fallen out of my pocket when I went to take a nap…

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Raise a glass to the fallen Angels

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Good day Good people of Lagos

I recently had an argument with some colleagues on the subject matter. This was my conclusion.

Does your company think of marketing as an investment or an expense? This is a concept fundamental to the mindset that you bring to marketing planning and execution. Investment implies return. Investments measure risk against potential reward and investments increase value. Choose the statement below that best represents your firm’s attitude about marketing. If you check expense, your firm is not placing the requisite value on marketing. You do not believe that marketing has the potential for returns. And your firm will inevitably try to shortcut and shortchange marketing expenditures, because that is what every company is trained to do with cost.
1. Marketing in our firm is considered an investment or
2. Marketing in our firm is always considered an expense.
If you check investment you are most likely highly focused on the potential for marketing. You understand risk and reward and the potential for return on your marketing commitment. You also know the importance of due diligence and allocation of resources. Decisions you make about where to invest marketing resources are always made strategically.

Real Estate Marketing – Investment or Expense Real estate development, ownership and management is a fluid activity that includes a variety of actions. The development process entails the complete sequence of steps shown below. The underlying constant to every aspect of the development and management process is marketing. Audiences at each stage of the process need to be addressed with different messages and through varying mediums to build an on-going and effective marketing program.
Marketing real estate is a process that results in the sale or leasing of the most space or product, for the greatest return, in the shortest amount of time. Marketing Defined Marketing is a holistic process that includes research, planning, promotions and sales. Learning about the markets, audiences and competition, developing the strategic course of action based on project and market dynamics. Communicating to target audiences with the appropriate messages and media to generate awareness, interest, and traffic. Transacting the lease or sale.
Each phase of a development program requires different outreach methods. This list below identifies the actions, activities and tools that are typically associated with each phase.
a. Market research
b. Acquisition of Property
c. Market feasibility
d. Vision statement
e. Offering prospectus
f. Zoning
g. Project positioning & Design
h. Marketing & image planning
i. Naming
j. Design guidelines
k. Marketing signage
l. Community relations
m. Public & press relations
n. Brochure and print materials
o. Promotions and events Permanent signage
p. Advertising & events
q. Public and press relations

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Luxury Properties/Homes

Good day wonderful people of Lagos

Last week, i came across some of the most beautiful properties that i have ever set my eyes on in this great city. Remember the key word is ‘i have ever set my eyes on’ While i pride myself as a realtor that has probably seen the best of it all, i admit that Lagos is indeed a large metropolis with new developments sprouting up almost on a daily basis

This series will extend for a while

Zara’s Court: Lekki Phase 1

4 units 4 bedroom duplex IMAG2992 IMAG2989IMAG2976 IMAG2964 IMAG2972

Gorgeous Development, American Styled, with In-built Speakers, well lited walkways, Pent-house, open kitchen 1 room Bq, Lawn

Ohh….and they are all for sale!

Why I love living and working in Lagos.

First things First….I was born & raised in Lagos. so i’d typically be accustomed to where i’m more in tune with.

Wait a minute, That reason wasn’t good enough…or was it? Truthfully I haven’t really lived….scratch that, ‘worked’ in any other state( schooled outside Lagos for six years). Lagos kinda puts me on my toes, mediocrity is not entertained here. Now don’t get me wrong, i know lots of successful people out there who don’t have a shred of Eko-connection. I guess what i’m trying to say is if you ‘dull’ in Lagos, you get shoved out and you have no-one but yourself to blame. Simply put in lay-man’s understanding ‘competition

Yes, that phrase is the order of the day in the city of Lagos. From the shop owners to the suit & tie fellows in marina, there is a strong competition(honestly don’t know whether it’s healthy or not, but that’s a topic for another day)between conflicting or you may call it complimentary businesses/uses. That’s what makes Lagos tick. That’s what keeps me on my toes, that urge for perfection, to be the best at whatever i do, and truthfully that’s the stuff of mega-cities & mega-economies. Now i agree that there are down-sides to this. sometimes traffic seems to emanate from the pits of hell!, high rental rates or you may call it high cost of living. But that’s the price we must pay to hustle here!

Now why do i love ‘Living’ here. if a city can boast of that rigidity in it’s work-cycle, then you can only imagine how UN-rigid‘(pardon my English) or flexible it’s night-life(social cycle) could be.

Hey, it’s 17:59 on a weekend.My tummy’s growling!

Feel free to comment if you agree with me or not

Surulere, Lagos


i’m sure for the avid listeners of music, Nigerian music to be precise, their mind must have wandered off to that song by Don Jazzy & co….but hey! we are not discussing music for now,  we are talking about the location where i’m currently fiddling away with my PC.

Oh yeah, i reside in Surulere. The Night-life hub for the main-landers. Ok, forgive me auto-correct, but i might just have to disable you for sometime. Surulere is what i’d term the perfect blend of commercial & Residential combo on this side of the divide. The area…OK, my area is just the perfect definition of chills. About 5 mins drive to adeniran ogunsanya, where you can have fun in so many ways(depends on your definition of fun)

From night-clubs, to bars, to Cinemas, shopping malls,banks & other financial institutions are not excluded from this list. hey! money makes fun even more fun!

Not so far off is the National Stadium, Teslim Balogun Stadium for the sports lovers, it has also got two major general hospitals for the eeerrm(never mind).

I need not forget that the island is about 10-mins drive from surulere. Hold-up, hold-up i meant without the traffic. So it is only reasonable for property prices to be fairly average, or a bit on the high side. oh yeah surulere, has got some markets scattered here and there, depending on which axis you actually reside or do business from. In-fact, few Local Government areas can pride itself as self-sustaining, a-city-within-a-city.

And off-course the popular Ojuelegba comes to mind. It knows our story!Adeniran-Ogunsanya-Street-Surulere

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